My name is Cate O’Neill and I love dolls and always have.

My name is Cate O’Neill. I love dolls and always have. It seems that this passion is in my blood as during the 1950s my Grandfather modelled dolls for Rosebud. My mother then introduced me to Sasha dolls when she and my godmother clubbed together to buy me one for my 7th birthday. I loved my Sasha doll so much that by the time I was 12 I had a family of five Sashas. I can remember travelling all the way to London with lots of pocket money in order to go to Hamleys and choose my next addition. Unfortunately, one of my Sasha dolls experienced a traumatic haircut by me (I now know why my mother was so upset when she discovered this) and another was badly chewed by our puppy. However, I still have them all and wouldn’t part with them.

Now that I have two daughters, Libby and Rosie, I have tried to find them equally beautiful and lovable dolls to encourage their creative and imaginative play and help develop that much needed empathy. I have been constantly disappointed by the poor selection of dolls readily available on the high street and there is still very little available on the internet. Hence Bambolina was born which, in 2012, became Petalina and we are an independent toy shop. I have had loads of fun putting together the range with lots of help from many of the mums I know and their daughters. I have to admit that I am a bit of a fuss-pot I have a certain taste and loathe plastic tat so I have only included dolls in the Petalina range which I love. I hope you love the selection as much as I do. If you have any comments or suggestions for the site then please let me know.

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Thanks Cate, wonderful doll arrived yesterday. Just wanted to compliment you on a super service.