More About Ma Corolle Dolls

Ma Corolle is a new range of dolls from Corolle for 2016. They have redesigned their popular Vanilla dolls giving them a slightly slimmer soft body made from pink fabric with embroidery designed to look like underwear. The dolls arrive just as they are in a box and you get to choose what they wear. The dolls are available in 5 colours and there is an incredble range of dolls clothing and accessories which is changing all the time.

Ma Corolle dolls are 36cm tall with soft bodies filled with new polyester fibre. Their limbs and head are made from slightly soft to the touch vinyl which is free of all nasties and scented with vanilla. Many customers have asked whether this scent is overpowering and artificial, but I love the sweet smell (much better than plastic), it doesn't give me a headache as some scents do, and it is made from actual vanilla that we all have in our cupboards at home. 

The face used for Ma Corolle is well known to us at Petalina as it is the pretty face used for the popular Vanilla dolls. The dolls have eyes that close with long eyelashes on the top eye lid, slightly glossy painted lips and the most gorgeous hair which lasts incredibly well despite constant play and brushing. The body size is actually slightly slimmer than that of the vanilla dolls, being based on the Coquettes, a range of cuddly dolls for slightly older girls which were available a few years ago. 

Ma Corolle Dolls and Dolls Clothes

You'll be amazed at how many clothes are available for the new Ma Corolle dolls, all designed to be mixed and matched so that outfits can be created. There are no rules - just lots of fun to be had. If you can't choose we are setting up bundles of clothes so that you save a bit of money too.

Ma Corolle Dolls and Dolls Clothes

There are also lots of accessories available as well to add to the doll play fun. We love the reversible room play sets which are made from hard board, the sets of stickers including earrings and plasters, and the school teacher accessory set too. 

Ma Corolle Dolls and Dolls Clothes

The Ma Corolle range has been developed with children from age 4 in mind. The range has been designed in France, the dolls are made in Spain with all other clothes and accessories being made in China. The dolls can be handwashed in warm water with a gentle detergent if required. Please see the washing instructions on the doll packaging for more details.