More about Gotz Happy Kidz and Classic Kidz Dolls

These dolls are one of my favourite ranges at Petalina! Happy Kidz dolls by Gotz were introduced in 2012 and were one of the first dolls to have extra joints in their elbows and knees to give them a more natural and posable appearance. This is lots of fun for older girls and collectors alike as the dolls seem more realistic and add to imaginative play.

The following photographs show the current collections of Happy Kidz dolls.

Gotz Happy Kidz Dolls

Happy Kidz Luisa, Happy Kidz Emma and Happy Kidz Charlotte

Gotz Happy Kidz Dolls

Happy Kidz Emily 2016, Happy Kidz Sophie, Happy Kidz Marie

Gotz Happy Kidz Dolls

Happy Kidz Clara, Happy Kidz Anna, Happy Kidz Emily 2014

Happy Kidz dolls are 50cm tall and made entirely of high quality phthalate free vinyl. What makes them unique is that they have extra joints in their elbows and knees so that they can be posed in lots of natural looking positions. Because of the extra joints these dolls are recommended for slightly older girls of age 7 or 8 upwards. The dolls are based on the physique of an 10 or 11 year old girl with long limbs, wider shoulders and a defined waist.

Gotz Happy Kidz Dolls

One of the original Classic Kidz with a retired face mould which I love!

Currently, the Happy Kidz dolls currently utilise one main face mould, sculpted by Hildegard Gunzel, a highly respected German doll artist. All the dolls have acrylic glass eyes, which look very realistic, and these are fixed in position with long eyelashes on the top lid and painted lower lashes. Their hair is securely rooted and really durable so it can be washed, brushed and styled for years to come. The dolls can have blue, brown or hazel eyes and blonde, brunette or red hair. Dark curls were added in 2017 which are lots of fun.

Gotz Happy Kidz Dolls

You may notice that the doll I measured is 48cm tall but the advertised height is 50cm. 

In this video we show a Gotz doll from each of the three main ranges - Precious Day dolls, Hannah dolls and Happy Kidz dolls. You can see the dolls without clothes and compare their height, body type, hair and faces as well as how they move.


All the Gotz clothes fit the Happy Kidz dolls, as well as Petalina Girl dolls clothes and many of those from Bonnie and Pearl. There really is a lot of choice. And as a little girl grows up, the outfits available for the Happy Kidz dolls grow up with her, ranging from pretty princess sets to on trend up to date outfits.

Gotz Happy Kidz Dolls

 A doll showing how beautifully they can be posed while wearing the Petalina Girl Sky Blue Ballet Set 

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