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Gotz horses are just so popular, and it is not hard to see why. This black version that is similar to the original chestnut combing horse is stunning. With its glossy black fur and four white feet, it looks like a thoroughbred! There is a white diamond on its forehead too. It is taller than the smaller standard horses and measures  54cm long and 53cm to the top of her ears. From its back to the ground is approximately 38cm so ideal for Gotz 45-50cm dolls such as Hannah. The frame of the horse is made from wire so it is quite sturdy.  It has a long black mane that can be brushed and styled with the hairbrush included. There is a clip too. The horse has a black saddle that has adjustable stirrups and black reins. Also included is a white horse blanket which is rolled up at the back of the saddle. Anyone for a ride?


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