• Hannah's Chestnut Horse for Gotz Dolls
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This is a wonderful soft toy horse designed for Gotz Hannah, Precious Day, Happy Kidz and other dolls of 45- 50cm.

Hannah's chestnut horse has a wonderful deep chestnut colouring with a white nose, mane, tail and fetlocks. It has brown beaded eyes and the ears are sitting happily forwards. There is a fabulous faux leather bridle and saddle. The brass stirrups are adjustable with a little buckle at each side and there is a soft white blanket rolled up at the back of the saddle. The detail is amazing like the faint image of mud on it's hooves! Hannah has a wonderful riding outfit to compliment the horse.

The height of the horse is 25cm from the ground to its back and it measures 38cm from nose to tail. Some customers have been disappointed with the size of the horse when put with Hannah Dolls. The horse isn't to scale and is definitely more of a pony than a horse! Please see the photograph showing Hannah with her horse which is beneath the main picture. If you click on it you can enlarge it too.

My daughter was so happy when she opened the gift of this horse. The horse seems to be made of good quality materials. Her 13" dolly fits perfect on its back.

Review by Brandie on 01/09/2017

Loved the horse. Well made and a great source of fun for its little miss recipient. Would love to see an even bigger version of it.

Review by Vera on 06/07/2016

Our 3 daughters have Kathe Kruse Sophie dolls and this is a perfect horse for them. Beautiful.

Review by Staci on 18/11/2013

Bought this for my daughter who has Happy Kids Katie (42cm) doll who fits her nicely. "Daisy" has become a firm favourite cantering about with my daughter. She loves the saddle and enjoys putting her in the stable at night. Lovely present. Thanks

Review by Susie on 04/04/2012

This is a lovely toy with great detail and although too small for the Gotz Hannah doll it is still much played with. Thankyou

Review by aoife on 06/01/2012

A beautiful, well made soft coated horse, with lovely detailed bridle and saddle. Bought for my daughter's Gotz Aquini doll, so a little difficult to sit the doll on the horse. Already much loved and played with. Prompt service and a lovely hand written note on the invoice.

Review by Claire on 03/01/2012

This pony is one of a kind, very well made and very realistic. The saddle and bridle are also really realistic. Great quality and a great accessory for the Hannah Doll or other dolls you may have. Great for role playing.

Review by C Rigler on 10/11/2011

The horse or pony is absolutely gorgeous and fantastic quality. As suggested in the product description, he is slightly small for the doll, and as dolly's knees don't bend he does not really work as a mount for the doll. However, he was greeted with squeals of delight and he has been used for other toys being taught to ride by Hannah.

Review by Kate Nicholson on 02/01/2011

This is a lovely horse, soft and cuddly yet also quite realistic. The mane and tail can be gently brushed and the saddle and reins removed (it is a useful puzzle for a 6 year old to refit them - good educational experience without the child realising!). In comparison with the Gotz Sarah/Hannah dolls for which this horse is intended, it is more pony rather than horse size.

Review by DollMum on 25/06/2010
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