• Bonnie & Pearl: Bonnie's Red Dress
  • Bonnie & Pearl: Bonnie's Red Dress
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Bonnie's favourite colour is red and her favourite thing to do is rock and roll dancing. Her grandmother loved to dance and she has taught Bonnie. They have such fun together!

Bonnie's dress is made from red cotton with white polka dots. The dress has a sleeveless bodice with a very full skirt, a white cotton sash secured on each side of the waist and a white strip around the hem. The bodice and skirt are both lined with white acetate lining. The set also includes a pair of white jersey socks, a pretty matching hairband with a fabric flower attached with a button centre, and the most gorgeous pair of red and white shoes. The red mary jane style shoes have white scalloping around the front and also around the back, and there is are little red hearts on the ends of the velcro straps. Really adorable!


This item is suitable for...

  • To Fit Child Doll size
  • 45-50cm
  • Gotz Dolls
  • Jessica and Elisabeth
  • Happy Kidz 50cm
  • Classic Kidz 50cm
  • Hannah 50cm
  • WeGirls Dolls
  • WeGirls
  • Bonnie & Pearl
  • Bonnie and Pearl

I've recently bought a few outfits and this little red dress is just wonderful. My daughter instantly chose this as the first outfit to change her doll into. The little shoes are exquisite. Stunning little outfit!

Review by Emma on 31/10/2017

This dress set is very pretty and very well made. It fits My Imagination and Cayla dolls as well as Bonnie. You get the whole outfit including shoes so a very good buy.

Review by Sandra on 26/07/2017

Well, Bonnie & Pearl have done it again! This is yet another extremely well made, stylish outfit made in premium fabrics. Bonnie & Pearl produce consistently great outfits from top to toe. The dress is made in a very soft silky material and the skirt is flattering and full. Lots of material used - so no cutting corners to save on cost! The pretty hair band has a really lovely flower attached and it looks wonderful with Bonnie's short hair. The shoes of course are the finishing wonderful touch! So chic and smart and would look great with other outfits. This outfit fits all the Bonnie & Pearl dolls but looks exceptionally well on Bonnie. My only little niggle is the socks. They are a bit tight so I found them difficult to pull on - I am not sure if a child would be able to put them on unaided, but perhaps it is just my pair that has been sewn tight. When on they look very sweet and childlike. Altogether a very delightful outfit.

Review by Happy Customer on 22/03/2016
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These dolls clothes can be hand washed in luke warm water using a mild detergent. Do not tumble dry but dry flat, smoothing out creases whilst damp. Use a cool iron if required.