• Bonnie & Pearl Purple Floral Outfit
  • Bonnie & Pearl Purple Floral Outfit
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What a gorgeous outfit this is and the photos don't really give you all the details. The dress is made from printed baby cord and is completely lined. The collar has lace trimming and there is purple embroidered lace all down the front trimmed with tiny white buttons. The waist has a satin band and this fabric has also been used to bind the armholes. The dress fastens at the back with fine velcro. There is also a pair of simple white jersey pants and a pair of white nylon socks. The mary jane style purple shoes are so sweet and are decorated with lots of tiny punched holes and have buckles with velcro fastening. Finally there is a wide brimmed hat which is made from moulded plastic and flocked as if it were felt. The hat has a satin ribbon stitched to it which is tied in a bow at the back.

The set has been made by Bonnie & Pearl in China to a really high standard and offers great value for money. Although recommended by Bonnie & Pearl for girls from age 8, the product is safe from age 3.

This set does fit some other dolls with similar sized feet, including Gotz Hannah and Gotz Happy and Classic Kidz.

This item is suitable for...

  • To Fit Child Doll size
  • 45-50cm
  • Gotz Dolls
  • Happy Kidz 50cm
  • Classic Kidz 50cm
  • Hannah 50cm
  • Bonnie & Pearl
  • Bonnie and Pearl

This dress is so lovely, and with reading the other reviews, I highly recommend this product as well! Although the sleeves were snug, I found that it fit well on my Bonnie & Pearl doll. The Bonnie & Pearl doll clothing line continues to demonstrate their attention to detail with their fine workmanship and high quality of product I continue to be impressed with Bonnie & Pearl!

Review by Dina on 18/05/2017

Lovely outfit and extemely well made!

Review by Andrea on 04/05/2017

The bonnie and pearl outfit is so nice and fits good to my gotz doll. I like the purple colors and the flowers and the shoes are so nice and the purple hat! I can say to anyone, you buy these clothes its really good!

Review by Lijda Clasina on 07/10/2016

It is a very lovely and very well made dress. But I fear that this review will not be published because I must say that it does not fit Bonnie Dolls that well. It is extremely tight so that it can be closed on the back only by some force. Therefore it does not fit Gotz Precious Day or American Girl Dolls - you cannot even pull the sleeves over their hands and arms. BUT the dress looks gorgeous on Zwergnase Junior 50 cm dolls - so in spite of all my criticism I highly recommend this outfit. Cate from Petalina here. Thank you for your feedback on this product Margarita. When we first purchased the outfit it did fit both American Girl and Precious Day dolls, so later batches must be smaller. We have amended our description accordingly. Very pleased you have found that it fits the Zwergnase dolls nicely. I can imagine it looks wonderful!

Review by Margarita on 05/07/2016

I continue to be impressed by the Bonnie & Pearl clothing sets. The quality and workmanship of this outfit is truly wonderful. The dress is made of a very pretty soft babycord and is fully lined. The detail is exquisite with pretty lace round the collar and down the front - tiny decorative buttons and satin binding. The purple shoes and hat make this outfit complete. I also love the fact that you even get a pair of pants and white socks. Any child would be thrilled to receive this beautiful box full of goodies (and many adult collectors too!). Highly recommended buy :)

Review by Pam on 24/03/2015
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These dolls clothes can be hand washed in luke warm water using a mild detergent. Do not tumble dry but dry flat, smoothing out creases whilst damp. Use a cool iron if required.