• A Girl for All Time Amelia, Your Victorian Girl
  • A Girl for All Time Amelia, Your Victorian Girl
  • A Girl for All Time Amelia, Your Victorian Girl
  • A Girl for All Time Amelia, Your Victorian Girl
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As of 21 November we will have more Amelias by the end of the week.

Amelia, Your Victorian GirlTM is the latest historical doll for children in a series from A Girl for All Time. The first doll in the series was Matilda Your Tudor GirlTM and she has been a great success. Designed with slightly older girls in mind, the founder of A Girl for All Time wanted to develop some toys for girls that were still girlie yet interesting. Matilda has sparked the imagination of so many girls in the UK who have enjoyed discovering the history of Tudor times as a result of receiving such a wonderful gift. Amelia is going to be equally successful if not more so. Amelia is designed with girls from around 8 to 12 in mind, but a 6 year old would manage. The novel which will bring Amelia to life is aimed at 9 year old girls and up.

Amelia is made from high quality phthalate free vinyl and measures 41cm tall. She has extra joints in her elbows and knees that allow her to be posed in endless natural looking positions. Amelia's long blonde hair is a wig which is securely attached to her head but the wig gives the hair a more natural appearance and helps to keep her hair style in place. Amelia's eyes are blue and inset so they don't close. She has real upper lashes and painted upper and lower lashes.

Amelia, Your Victorian GirlTM comes dressed in a historically inspired sateen school dress in the softest shade of blue with striped underskirt, collar and cuffs. As was the fashion at the time, Amelia's dress is actually a separate blouse and skirt. She also has a buttercream-yellow school tie and bow detail on her bustle. Lots of tiny buttons trim the front of her blouse and cuffs. A beautifully made straw boater trimmed with blue ribbon completes Amelia's outfit. Her underwear is white and correct for the period including pantalets and petticoat. Amelia's mid calf boots have dark brown covers over the toes and heels but the rest is cream with matching buttons and beneath these she wears white socks.

There is also a leaflet giving details of the times during which Amelia lived. There is a novel which brings Amelia to life called 'Amelia's Inheritance' and this will be available in October 2012.

I received Amelia a couple of weeks ago and she now joins my 3 other AGFAT dolls. Just like the others she is gorgeous and well made. I have not been disappointed with any of these dolls and will keep collecting them. There quality, clothes and doll wise, is just brilliant. I highly recommend them.

Review by Linda on 25/10/2016

Bought for my daughter's 11th birthday. This is her 3rd Girl for all time doll. They are beautifully made and worth every penny.

Review by Helen on 02/11/2015

The fact that this doll is beautifully crafted, the clothes are authentic and of such high quality has been stated before by previous reviewers but also, this opens the gateway into history for all girls old and young. This was a birthday present for my 14yr old daughter and she has just been absorbed into all things Victoriana and is enthralled by Amelia. Lastly, this doll can be purchased in several other places but the customer service at Petalina is second to none.

Review by Kirsty Hippolite on 28/08/2014

I love Amelia. She looks very pretty in her sky-blue school dress with a little yellow bow on the back. Her beautiful, wavy blonde hair flows past navy striped cuffs and collar. Although the instructions say you can wash her clothes and hair, I haven't bothered and she looks fine. I have been researching the Victorians at school and I think her book tells you a lot about how the rich and poor conditions effected them in emotion or health. I do think she is a fantastic doll and I thank whoever made her.

Review by Jenna(age 10) on 17/05/2014

What a winner. I have all three dolls so far in this series and can't wait for the next one. I bought her for my granddaughter but want to keep her for myself. Only the Francois petitcollin dolls can match the quality and Amelia is British. What a bonus.

Review by Sandra on 02/11/2013

Just got the doll in the post. Beautifully made and would make a super Christmas present. She looks good in the party dress, but the pink shoes could be a little bigger -hard for an adult let alone a small girl to get them on to the doll. Plenty of play value - a super range of dolls. Hair comes as long so will need styling to turns into curls/plaits - but that's fun as well. Recommeded for girls of all ages over say a mature ( if there is such a thing)six. The type of doll we always wanted to find under the tree.

Review by Sarah on 07/11/2012

Amelia is a truly beautiful doll, just perfect for the slightly older child. The clothes she is wearing are very well made with perfect detailing.

Review by Margy on 20/10/2012
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The body of this doll can be cleaned using a damp cloth with a little mild detergent if required. The body should not be immersed in water as this will rot the elastic holding the limbs onto the body.

The hair can be carefully washed using a mild shampoo taking care not to create tangles. Care should be taken to avoid getting the wig wet as this may upset the glue used to attach the wig to the head.

The dolls clothes can be hand washed using a mild detergent in warm water. Do not tumble dry but dry flat, smoothing out creases whilst damp. Iron using a cool iron if needed.