• A Girl for All Time Lydia, Your Georgian Girl
  • A Girl for All Time Lydia, Your Georgian Girl
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What can I say? Lydia has arrived and is divine.

Lydia, Your Geogian Girl is a 41cm all vinyl play doll with 11 joints including in her elbows and knees. Lydia has deep blue fixed eyes with eyelashes on the top eyelid, and her long dark hair is a high quality wig with a centre parting. Her hair flows all the way down her back to the top of her legs! Lydia arrives in her presentation box wearing a beautiful historically accurate primrose yellow cotton dress, popular during the Georgian period. The dress consists of a jacket with over skirt trimmed on the front with satin ribbon roses over poppers to fasten. The sleeves are trimmed with long ivory lace which is gorgeous. Lydia's hat is made from a matching yellow silky fabric which has been pleated onto stiffening and then a piece of die cut fabric is attached on the top with scalloped edges. The hat is trimmed with a matching satin ribbon flower and fine elastic has been attached to keep the hat in place. Lydia's underwear consists of a simple cotton petticoat over a pair of below the knee cotton bloomers. She wears a pair of white socks and a pair of slip on shoes made from pale gold patterned chinese silken fabric. She really is a delight!

There are two costumes available for Lydia, both with separate accessories - the Party Dress and Riding Outfit. However, all of the other costumes from A Girl for All Time fit Lydia too.

Lydia now completes my A Girl for All Times doll set. Once again an absolutely beautiful doll in superb clothes. I was only going to buy one doll in this series and have now ended up with all of them. When more are released I will definitely be purchasing. Great for kids and collectors alike. The photos never do them justice.

Review by Linda on 09/12/2016

WOW! Lydia is amazing doll her hair is dark and shiny, her deep blue eyes sparkle and the hair/eyes colour combination is stunning. Her face paint is nice and her outfit is absolutely beautiful and the colour is stunning. Her joints give a child more freedom with child play or for doll collector give that perfect position to display your doll. The package box is nice as you can see the doll through the plastic and this brand is easy to unpack. Cate adds the finishing touch with her trade mark pink ribbon such a nice finishing touch. I love the one hour time slot text message you receive on the morning of delivery which means you can carry on with your daily activities. I highly recommend.

Review by Doreen Gormley on 14/11/2014

This is an absolute beautiful doll. Her face and clothes are stunning. Even the "non doll people" in my life think she is lovely, and that is saying something, coming from people who think most dolls look "creepy" Couldn't be happier with my purchase, worth every penny. This is a fine collectors doll, or a doll for an older girl, (or boy:) I especially love her hair, it is thick and shiny, and a wonderful length.

Review by carol on 01/11/2014
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The body of this doll can be cleaned using a damp cloth with a little mild detergent if required. The body should not be immersed in water as this will rot the elastic holding the limbs onto the body.

The hair can be carefully washed using a mild shampoo taking care not to create tangles. Care should be taken to avoid getting the wig wet as this may upset the glue used to attach the wig to the head.

The dolls clothes can be hand washed using a mild detergent in warm water. Do not tumble dry but dry flat, smoothing out creases whilst damp. Iron using a cool iron if needed.