• Bonnie & Pearl Doll: Beatrice
  • Bonnie & Pearl Doll: Beatrice
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A beautiful play doll with red hair by the new British brand, Bonnie & Pearl. All the Bonnie & Pearl dolls are beautifully designed and made to a really high specification in China.

This Bonnie & Pearl doll has long red hair with a side parting, which is a wig that has been very neatly applied. The hair is ample and very long so great for hairstyling. Bonnie & Pearl recommend their wire hair brush for use with this doll to stop the build up of static and thereby prevent tangling. She has dark blue eyes with long eyelashes on the top eyelid and the eyes open and close which little girls love. She has a very pretty face with such a cute slightly smiling mouth painted matt. Her little pout is also very attractive and is even prettier in the flesh than in the photo.

The vinyl used for Bonnie & Pearl is phthalate free and has a similar matt appearance to porcelain. This most definitely adds to their overall beauty. Their heads tilt and turn, and their limbs are articulated so can be moved out of the swivel position slightly. The top part of their bodies is also vinyl so that they look more realistic in strappy dresses and so on, but the lower part of the body is fabric so remains cuddly to hold.

All the Bonnie & Pearl dolls arrive in a brightly coloured and pretty box with a small window. The inside of the box is very special because the doll is actually tied into a card bed that slides out of the outer box and can be coloured in. Note that as of December 2015 the design of the cardboard bed has changed a little because the overall box is now a large 'shoebox'. There is also a small pillow included in the box. The dolls all wear a very pretty blouse, skirt and shoes using white cotton and a pretty rose print in coral pink. The details are lovely such as the tiny coral buttons, lace trim, net petticoat and poppers. The clothes are definitely a cut above the norm of the doll world! To finish the look the dolls have a pretty satin bow on a clip in their hair and a coral coloured bag.

All in all Petalina is very pleased with these dolls which are very beautifully designed, made and packaged, and they should last a lifetime for their little mum. Bonnie & Pearl recommend these dolls for age 8 and so do we. The hair being a wig is not suitable for younger girls.

Beatrice is a beauty!! For the longest time I have been looking at her, contemplating, then finally purchasing her. I am so happy I did, delighted with her!! Beatrice's hair is an amazing color, paired with her stunning eye color, she is so very charming. I had one Bonnie & Pearl, the quality is wonderful, and desired another. It was difficult choosing which one, they are all beautiful! The Bonnie & Pearl outfits are extremely well made. The different styles are all pretty and somewhat unique. My favorite is the walking set, it is darling!

Review by Jutta on 31/12/2017

I bought a Bonnie and Pearl Beatrice doll which arrived within 24 hours thanks to Petalina's fast dispatch. Delighted with the quality of the doll, lovely quality vinyl with matte finish, silky wig and lovely clothing. The idea of the box turning into a bed and pillow included is such a unique wonderful feature. The B&P 'walking' clothing set which included the gorgeous little dog was equally great quality and very versitile as a summer shorts and tshirt or woollen tights and coat ontop into an autumn set, so two sets in one really. Free postage after a 100 sale really helps and the newsletter sign up discount is great too. Petalina offers has more to offer than competitors (I did a lot of comparison research)

Review by Ruth on 18/09/2017

Absolutely delighted with this doll. Beautiful quality vinyl, wig and clothing. Everything is presented in lovely packaging with such a unique feature of the box turning into a bed with pillow included! I just loved that idea. My daughter absolutely loves this doll. Petalina service was excellent, great communication and prompt dispatch and super quick 24 hour delivery. Great prices and point system too! Thank you

Review by Ruth on 24/08/2017

I am so pleased with my Bonnie & Pearl Beatrice! She has come to Canada to play with my grandchildren and me and has been renamed Carys since we already have a Beatrice in the family. She is beautiful and very well made and I am happily sewing many pretty things for her to wear. Her hair is of excellent quality and a lovely colour and easy to style. I would happily recommend this doll to anyone and expect she won't be the only Bonnie and Pearl doll I purchase. She fits standard American Girl and Canadian Maplelea clothing very well. The only problem I have is that her feet are a little bigger than most of the AG shoes, but happliy I've found some to fit as well as the ones that came with the outfits I purchased.

Review by Andrea on 04/05/2017

A very pretty doll. Specifically chosen as a smaller version of my niece, it was her birthday present. Doll is beautifully packaged. Clothing is created from good quality material and well stitched. The doll is a good size for little girls and I know she is loved.

Review by Vanessa on 08/01/2016

My big sister delighted me with the Beatrice doll for my birthday last month. She had cleverly sent me a link to B&P and asked which one I liked best. Of course I said Beatrice because I once had red hair. She asked did I like her better than Maplelea's Jenna. I had quite a crush on Jenna but Beatrice is even better so I said Beatrice. I still had no idea Leigh was planning to get me a doll for my birthday and it was a marvelous surprise when she arrived. Everything everyone else has said about her is true--she is exquisite! I couldn't wait to sew for her and have just finished a dress made out of a green with gold border print that I had been saving for something special. She is a wonderful size to sew for. I used an American Girl pattern and enlarged it 10% but next time I think I will enlarge it 15%, since it was the tiniest bit snug in the tummy. Her hair is very nice. I am not very good with hair but hers looks fine just hanging loose or pulled back and I don't think it will get that frizzy look that some dolls' hair gets. Don't tell my other dolls, but I like her the best!

Review by Leigh's Sister on 02/10/2015

Beatrice is my third Bonnie & Pearl doll and she is certainly very pretty with her sparkling blue eyes, porcelain skin and dark auburn hair. I just love the vinyl that B&P use - it is a very warm attractive colour with a matte finish so it isn't shiny and photographs well. The hair/wig is of a very high quality and can easily be styled into bunches, plaits etc. The doll has such a pretty face that suits every hairstyle - she looks equally good with her hair loose or tied back off her face. Her profile is particularly stunning. She came in the usual B&P greet outfit which is very well made. It also fits Gotz Hannah and Happy Kidz although maybe a little loose around the waist. I have mine on a Hannah doll at the moment as Beatrice has new B&P clothes to wear. Hannah looks great in it!! All the B&P clothes are exquisite with special care taken in the choice of quality fabric.

Review by Pam on 13/05/2015

Beautiful doll, very different to others my daughter has, but it's nice to have dolls from different brands. It was a really hard choice to decide between the 7 dolls though so there are others my daughter would still like to get. The clothes from B&P are lovely too (and top quality).

Review by Amber on 30/01/2015
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The body of this doll can be cleaned using a damp cloth with a little mild detergent if required. The body should not be immersed in water as this will rot the elastic holding the limbs onto the body.

The hair can be carefully washed using a mild shampoo taking care not to create tangles. Care should be taken to avoid getting the wig wet as this may upset the glue used to attach the wig to the head.

The dolls clothes can be hand washed using a mild detergent in warm water. Do not tumble dry but dry flat, smoothing out creases whilst damp. Iron using a cool iron if needed.