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Bonnie is based on one of the childhood dolls belonging to Bonnie & Pearl's founders, Nicola and Lisa, and next year we will see Pearl being introduced too.

We love Bonnie's hair which is a good quality, silky blonde wig. Her face is beautiful with sparkly blue eyes that close and lots of painted and fibre eyelashes. She has healthy pink cheeks and her mouth is also beautifully painted in a pretty coral pink colour. The vinyl used for Bonnie has a soft matt appearance and it is used for her head, limbs and the top section of her body. The lower section of her body is made from skin tone fabric firmly filled with new polyester fibre.

Bonnie is wearing a sweet red pinafore made from a slightly brushed red fabric with lining. The pinafore has a V at the front and the back, a little red button on each side of the waistband, and it fastens at the back with poppers. Her shirt is made using white cotton with a printed design of little purple flowers and red hearts. The shirt fastens up the front with hidden poppers and there is a red satin bow stitched for decoration at the neck by the peter pan style collar. Bonnie also wears plain white simple jersey briefs, long white socks and shiny red shoes with bows on the front. The finishing touch is a red satin hairband covered in tiny red bows.

Bonnie and Pearl recommend their dolls for girls from 8 years old as the wigs are not suited to younger girls.

PLEASE NOTE: We did initially receive several Bonnie dolls with dark blue eyes but all the stock we have now have pale blue eyes. The dolls are also of the newer design without the tiny eyelashes painted beneath the eye.

Our second doll from this collection. She is lovely with soft natural blonde shoulder length hair, unique blue eyes, lovely color to her face, very nice outfit - different from the other girls.

Review by 2nd Bonnie & Pearl on 02/05/2016

I think Bonnie is even more gorgeous in the flesh than in her pictures. Her face is painted in a subtle way and my Bonnie has light blue eyes. Her hair and clothes are of the highest standard. Love her!

Review by Audrey on 02/04/2016

Short-haired Bonnie Doll is a very special doll. I haven't seen a face like hers before, and I am glad that I purchased her. Thanks to the Review by "Happy Customer" on 02/12/2015!! Otherwise I hadn't known that her eyes are a different blue now. It is a rather dark blue which gives Bonnie a very intense expression. She can stand very well on her own (many of my doll shoes which are 7,2 cm/ 3,8 cm fit her quite well). As she hasn't got a defined waist (waist and chest measure about 28 cm) dresses that have a rather short upper part suit her best. An exquisite sweet little girl!

Review by Meggie on 05/02/2016

I have recently received Bonnie and she is absolutely beautiful. Her shorter hair perfectly frames her face - so pretty. She has the new darker blue eyes and the more natural lip colour which makes her a little different from the other B&P dolls and a welcome addition to the family. I have to say I am really pleased with her outfit! The red is stunning on her - I especially like the hair band with the bows. She looks like a proper little girl. The clothes as with all Bonnie & Pearl clothes are of quality fabrics and extremely well made. I love the vinyl too as it has a warm matt finish - better than the shiny vinyl on some other makes of dolls. I love the way the dolls have a cuddly body but still have vinyl shoulders so they can wear strappy dresses and swimsuits. A very beautiful quality doll.

Review by Happy Customer on 02/12/2015
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The body of this doll can be gently wiped with a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in water. The clothes can be carefully handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent. Dry flat and do not tumble dry. Smooth out creases whilst damp and use a cool iron if required.