• Bonnie & Pearl Sophia Doll
  • Bonnie & Pearl Sophia Doll
  • Bonnie & Pearl Sophia Doll
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Bonnie & Pearl is a new British company that designs and manufacturers a range of gorgeous 19" play dolls and dolls clothes. There are seven dolls in total all with the same face mould and bodies, but with a variety of skin tones, eye and hair colours. This particular doll has dark skin, with long dark hair and brown eyes. Her hair is actually a wig which is securely and very well applied, and her eyes are really sparkly with long lashes and they close. The vinyl used is high quality and phthalate free with a matt appearance a little like porcelain. She also has a vinyl chest plate but the lower two thirds of her torso is made from fabric filled firmly with new fibre. This is the best of both worlds as the doll is cuddly but still looks nice in strappy dresses.

Bonnie & Pearl dolls arrive dressed in a pretty white cotton shirt with a floral skirt and a matching bag and shoes. She also wears a pair of white knickers and a pink bow on a clip in her hair. All of the clothes are very nicely made using proper buttons and buttonholes, zips and poppers rather than velcro.

A lovely feature about the dolls that make them such a wonderful present, is that the box they arrive in contains a card bed, all ready for colouring in and complete with a pillow. Extra bedding and lots of beautiful outfits are also available.

Bonnie & Pearl dolls are made to a very high standard in China and are recommended for girls from age 8 by Bonnie & Pearl. The hair being a wig is not suited to girls younger than this.

This girl was my first Bonnie & Pearl doll, and I couldn't be more pleased. I chose her because I love the skin colour, and I wasn't disappointed. It's a warm and lovely shade, and shows off well with the matte vinyl. The quality is first rate. She can stand on her own and has a solid feel. Her face is very sympathetic. Not a grinning face, but a face that offers understanding. One of the loveliest doll sculpts I've seen in many years of collecting. I have dolls that cost far more, but Sophia is my favourite. Very glad I got her.

Review by Vicki on 22/05/2016

Received Sophia today. A high quality doll with beautiful brown eyes, dark skin and long brownish hair. I am not too sure if she looks 'Indian' but she is different & a very pretty doll...Neck joint has some degree of movement like a side tilt and rotation which adds expressions to her face. Her cheeks and lips could have had a bit more of that pink flush (as shown in the pic). Her outfit and the box-bed is lovely. Think could be great gift for girls who love dolls of any age group ;)

Review by Aarika on 02/04/2015

I have been looking for an Indian doll for ages and at last have found her here! This is a very pretty doll and she arrives in a gorgeous outfit and even has her own bed. She has beautiful long hair that can be styled for lots of different looks.

Review by Pam on 06/03/2015
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The body of this doll can be cleaned using a damp cloth with a little mild detergent if required. The body should not be immersed in water as this will rot the elastic holding the limbs onto the body.

The hair can be carefully washed using a mild shampoo taking care not to create tangles. Care should be taken to avoid getting the wig wet as this may upset the glue used to attach the wig to the head.

The dolls clothes can be hand washed using a mild detergent in warm water. Do not tumble dry but dry flat, smoothing out creases whilst damp. Iron using a cool iron if needed.