• Ciao Bimba Darling Nelly
  • Ciao Bimba Darling Nelly
  • Ciao Bimba Darling Nelly
  • Ciao Bimba Darling Nelly
  • Ciao Bimba Darling Nelly
  • Ciao Bimba Darling Nelly
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Oh my word what a beauty Nelly is! The quality of the Ciao Bimba dolls is probably the best I have ever seen. Everything about this doll is such high spec - Nelly is stunning. Where to start because I really don't think I can do her justice and she won't be fully appreciated until she is held.

The Ciao Bimba Darling dolls are the best and the largest dolls in the range. They are 48cm (19 inches) tall and each doll is limited to 250 pieces. Their bodies are made from skin tone stockinette carefully sculpted and stitched to form the shape of their faces, limbs and bodies. Their facial expressions are neutral as it was the belief of the Waldorf movement that this would allow a child to project their own emotions onto the doll, in other words, they can imagine their doll is happy, miserable or excited. Anything is possible! The arms and legs are sewn on so that they can move and the doll can be seated easily. They also have gorgeous bottoms and belly buttons! The limbs, head and body are all filled very carefully with wool so that the shaping is correct which means the dolls are quite firmly filled whilst maintaining some cuddly factor!

Darling Nelly has brown embroidered eyes, large blushing cheeks, a slightly smiling mouth which is also embroidered. I just love her glistening blonde hair as it is a wig made from mohair weft. This is something new to me so how best to describe it. It is quite curly, each curl having a lovely spring and can be played with using fingers. Nelly arrives with her hair tied in bunches using grey satin ribbon which are stitched in position. I think I would want to remove these in order to really play with the hair because it is so wonderfully thick and a bit wild. The provided photo doesn't do her justice because she has loose hair around her face so her appearance is much softer.

Nelly is wearing a pinafore dress made from Mitsi Liberty Tana Lawn in charcoal and grey, with fawn grosgrain ribbon at the waist with a bow and velvet ric rac braid around the hem. There is no velcro in sight and the pinafore fastens with buttons and button holes. The dress is worn over a long sleeved jersey T shirt in coffee and white stipes and she also wears a pair of plain cream bloomers. On her feet she wears the signature Ciao Bimba boots in cream with Tana Lawn lining and ribbon laces.

Darlling Nelly arrives with a little toy - a butterfly made using the Tana Lawn as wings with a sculpted grey velour body. What is so wonderful is the little Waldorf face made with skin tone fabric and painted with little brown eyes, pink cheeks and a red mouth. Adorable.

Nelly arrives in a beautifully made card box. The pale pink insert is lined with pale grey paper covered in spots with scalloped edging - this will make a beautiful bed. The outder box is also very pretty in pinks and lilacs and the insert can be pulled out carefully using a ribbon tab.

I may have to keep one of the Darling dolls and it may be Nelly because she is so very, very special.

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This doll can hand washed in luke warm water using woolite. It is best to tie up any hair to prevent tangling. Air dry the doll in a warm place with the hair in the desired style. The dolls clothes can also be handwashed. They should be dried flat and not tumble dried, smoothing out creases whilst damp. A cool iron can be used if required.