• Ciao Bimba Mini Paula
  • Ciao Bimba Mini Paula
  • Ciao Bimba Mini Paula
  • Ciao Bimba Mini Paula
  • Ciao Bimba Mini Paula
  • Ciao Bimba Mini Paula
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Mini Paula is such a pretty doll by Ciao Bimba, a new brand of Waldorf inspired dolls created by a talented doll maker and her biggest fan in Bulgaria.

Mini dolls are 40cm (16 inches) and are made using skin tone jersey and interlock filled carefully with sheep's wool. It is very skillful to be able to shape the wool to create the correct human forms within the fabric pieces without any lumps and bumps. Exact stitching also helps to create the shapes. The arms and legs are sewn on so that they are floppy allowing the doll to be easy to sit and to carry, but is is surprising how firmly filled the pieces of body are so that these dolls are nothing like rag dolls that are normally very squishy. This makes the dolls feel much more substantial and real as a result.

Paula has green embroidered eyes, a slightly pink nose and cheeks, and she has ample amounts of hair made using crocheted brown mohair boucle wool sewn securely to a wig which is stitched in place on the head. The hair cannot be brushed but the hair can be kept tidy by using fingers.

Paula is wearing such a pretty pink outfit consisting of a pinafore dress made from floral Liberty Tana Lawn with a gathered skirt, functional buttons down the back and gorgeous pink pom pom trim around the hem. She wears this over a high quality pale pink jersey T shirt and pale pink bloomers with tiny polka dots. Her shoes are made using pale pink cord, again with polka dots, which are lined with the same fabric as her bloomers and tied with pink ribbons.

The final flourish is a hair band made using the same Tana Lawn as her dress which has a butterfly sewn to it with floral wings, a pale pink velour sculpted body and tiny waldorf doll face with painted eyes, mouth and cheeks.

Mini Paula also arrives in beautiful box in lilac and grey with lots of polka dots and scalloped edging.

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This doll can hand washed in luke warm water using woolite. It is best to tie up any hair to prevent tangling. Air dry the doll in a warm place with the hair in the desired style. The dolls clothes can also be handwashed. They should be dried flat and not tumble dried, smoothing out creases whilst damp. A cool iron can be used if required.