• Kathe Kruse Glückskind Paulina
  • Kathe Kruse Glückskind Paulina
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What a gorgeous little doll this is. I am smitten! Glückskind is a range of cuddly toddler dolls by Kathe Kruse for children from age 3 to 5. Paulina is 39cm tall with a fabric body and phthalate free vinyl head and limbs. She has blonde curly hair which is a wig (and will need adult help to keep in check), blue painted eyes, rosy pink cheeks and a rosebud coral coloured painted lips.

We love Paulina's outfit as will little girls, because it is just like the sort of thing that little girls would love to wear themselves! Paulina is wearing a short sleeved white T shirt with a print of a pink cat wearing a red dress on the front, and there is a frill around the hem. With this she wears a pair of pink chambray cropped trousers and a velour hooded jacket in a rich red with pink zip and striped trim on the cuffs and pockets. On her feet she wears the popular Kathe Kruse All Stars trainers in red.

There are lots of dolls clothes and shoes to fit Paulina. Just look for Kathe Kruse 39-41cm.

I can see why you are smitten with her, Cate, she is a cutie!! A sweet child's face, she will easily be a best friend. Her outfit is exactly as described with quality fabric and workmanship. It is casual and playful, the velour hooded jacket is the best!!

Review by jutta on 20/05/2016
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The body of this doll can be gently wiped with a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in water. The clothes can be carefully handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent. Dry flat and do not tumble dry. Smooth out creases whilst damp and use a cool iron if required.