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Robert is a 46cm all vinyl play doll by Kidz 'n' Cats. He is one of the first dolls to have the new 2015 face sculpt by Sonja Hartmann. He has sparkly brown fixed eyes, long eyelashes on the top eyelid, a slightly smiling mouth and the most amazing spiky reddy brown hair which is a kanekalon wig. He has 11 joints in total making him really posable so a lot of fun for all those who play with him.

Robert is wearing a black and grey checked shirt with tiny white buttons and button holes, a red sweatshirt with a motif printed on the front, a pair of denim jeans with popper and velcro fastening and a bleached criss cross design on the front, and a lined hooded jacket made from navy blue and marl grey jersey with zips, a drawstring and striped and ribbed cuffs and welt. He also wears striped boxer shorts, grey socks and navy blue high tops. It's a really nicely put together outfit.


Most beautiful dolls , very pleased children , thank you so much

Review by Sarah Ann on 27/01/2018

Robert is a very handsome young man he has a lovely face that says to all I want to be friends his hair is gorgeous and every time I look at him he makes me smile. He is worth every penny and his clothes are very well made to.

Review by Judith white on 22/11/2017

I had been waiting a long time for this doll - not the fault of the supplier, just the wig issue last year. He is a lovely doll and I'm glad I didn't give up on him. The clothes (as always with this brand) are well made with great attention to detail. It's nice to see a company that make boy dolls and give them as much attention as they do to the girls.

Review by Diana on 16/06/2017

I asked to be notified when Robert was in stock and I was, such excitement waiting for my first Kidz n Cats doll and my first boy doll, I fell in love with Robert the first time I saw him and now I am so proud that he lives with me, he's perfect and his clothes are so beautifully detailed, I appreciate all the time it takes to create these clothes and will come back to this store when I am ready to purchase another doll. Robert was delivered in perfect timing, I feel blessed.

Review by Janet on 31/03/2016

We love, love, love Robert. He is slimmer than the other dolls we have, but I did know that. :) We just tell people he's around six years old not ten like bigger dolls. His joints are a little stiff, but I'm assuming he will loosen up as we pose him (he is our working boy model after all). His hair is very quirky; we'll have to tame him down . Such fun, though! We are expecting a lot of interest in him when we set up our booth at our local Kids EXPO in June. We will definitely direct their interest your way. And of course, he will be making a regular appearance on our website, so we expect on-going interest.

Review by Sandra on 13/03/2016

Beautiful Doll of excellent quality and great clothes. A little smaller than expected but still worth the money!

Review by Christina on 19/08/2015
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The body of this doll can be cleaned using a damp cloth with a little mild detergent if required. The body should not be immersed in water as this will rot the elastic holding the limbs onto the body.

The hair can be carefully washed using a mild shampoo taking care not to create tangles. Care should be taken to avoid getting the wig wet as this may upset the glue used to attach the wig to the head.

The dolls clothes can be hand washed using a mild detergent in warm water. Do not tumble dry but dry flat, smoothing out creases whilst damp. Iron using a cool iron if needed.