• Llorens Olga Llorona Brunette Ballerina
  • Llorens Olga Llorona Brunette Ballerina
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Olga is new for 2017 and has become a talking point here at Petalina. She is a bit quirky and definately a bit different to what we have become used to stocking from Llorens. She has a bit of a pout which I think is adorable, and is so versatile in her posing. Her limbs stay in place perfectly and we have put her in so many ballerina poses. I think touching her toes is her favourite! Olga Ballerina is made in Spain by Llorens and is an all vinyl 42cm multi jointed doll suitable for children from around the age of 5 years. She has a pretty face with brown fixed eyes, glossy lips and rosy cheeks.

I do love the expression on her face which makes me think she takes her dancing seriously. My favourite part though is her hair. It is brunette, long and rooted but it is tied up in true ballerina style on the top of her head with 2 thin plaits on either side. Please note that she does not have a parting so over time this might show a bit more of the head than with other dolls. She has a removable pink satin headband with roses on it to hold it in place. This matches the roses on her detailed pale pink ballet outfit. This consists of a large net skirt with layers and a leotard top with satin ribbon waistband that is glued to the leotard rather than stitched. Under this is a pair of white knitted underwear. On her feet are classic pink ballet shoes made from fabric rather than satin feel and with long ribbon ties. Please note that the ribbon ties are glued to the back of the legs to keep the shoes in place.



The doll is really fantastic, very flexible, and lovely. It is of good quality, even the dress, I was impressed. She's the princess here at home.

Review by Yevgen on 04/01/2018
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The body of this doll can be cleaned using a damp cloth with a little mild detergent if required. The body should not be immersed in water as this will rot the elastic holding the limbs onto the body.

The hair can be carefully washed using a mild shampoo taking care not to create tangles.

The dolls clothes can be hand washed using a mild detergent in warm water. Do not tumble dry but dry flat, smoothing out creases whilst damp. Iron using a cool iron if needed.