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Julchen Springtime is a large baby doll at 52cm made by Schildkrot in Germany. At this size she is suitable for girls from age 4 capable of handling a larger baby. She should also be able to wear real baby clothes.

Her body is made from skintone velour filled with polyester fibre and pellets for weight in her bottom. She is filled just right so that she is slightly floppy like a real baby and is really cuddly. Her head and limbs are made using phthalate free vinyl, and her limbs are floppy making her easier to dress and position. Her eyes are blue and close, with traditional looking eyelashes on the top eyelid. She has full healthy pink cheeks and a detailed slightly glossy mouth. Her hair is moulded and lightly painted brown.

Julchen is wearing a pretty floral blouse under a pair of cropped denim dungarees with details using pink spotty fabric, lace and butterfly appliques. On her head she wears a pink and white jersey hat and has white ribbed socks on her feet. She looks beautiful.

Schildkrot dolls are really beautifully made and will last a lifetime. They are very well known in Germany and are becoming more appreciated in the UK too. As soon as you handle one you can feel the difference between a Schildkrot baby doll and a mass market version.

Lovely play doll for 4 yr old!. Of high quality and the cutest outfit! Only the best from Petalina!

Review by Christina on 25/07/2017
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The body of this doll can be gently wiped with a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in water. The clothes can be carefully handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent. Dry flat and do not tumble dry. Smooth out creases whilst damp and use a cool iron if required.