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Itís all about the name Ė yet another competition I hear you say!

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This competition has now closed. I am pleased to announce that the winning name is 'Annie', by Kelly Black from England. Here is her entry (via Facebook): 

"Annie. After my lovely little nana, she passed away in June this year aged 92. Absolutely wonderful lady who loved life and spending time with her family. She was given a second hand doll in Christmas 1932, her mother made new clothes for it. She called her Clementine. That doll has been so looked after by every daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter since. My little nana was also a big lover of competitions so it seems fitting. Good luck everyone."

Itís all about the name Ė yet another competition I hear you say!

It’s November and we’re still going strong with our Birthday celebrations, we just can’t stop! The excitement has been amazing and we are so happy that you are a part of it. I think we can boldly say we are the most generous dolly shop in town, the country and quite possibly the world right now!

So next up we have this adorable newborn baby by Antonio Juan, which comes in a gorgeous gift set with lots of accessories.

Itís all about the name Ė yet another competition I hear you say!

Antonio Juan Newborn Gift Set, worth £79.99

This is the first gift set created by Antonio Juan with a 42cm all vinyl baby doll being the main attraction. A wonderful gift for anyone aged 4 and over. She has sparkly blue eyes with long lashes on the top eyelid, rounded healthy cheeks and a full, slightly open mouth. She is made entirely from soft to the touch phthalate free vinyl with lots of attention to detail and creases in all the right places. Her head and limbs swivel so she can be posed, and she arrives wearing a dusky rose pink knitted romper with collar and lace trim, matching socks and a hat with a co-ordinating pom pom.

Itís all about the name Ė yet another competition I hear you say! Itís all about the name Ė yet another competition I hear you say!

What makes her even more special are all the extra things included in the set - a bottle, dummy, fabric nappy, cappuccino coloured cardigan and an ivory sleeveless romper. She also has a pretty blanket that can be used as a changing mat, or something to swaddle her in. And everything arrives in a large decorated box. She has everything, except that is, a name!

That’s where you come in! What would you call her if she were yours? Naming a new dolly is all part of the excitement when she arrives in her forever arms. Maybe you already have an idea for a name for your next doll or maybe you’ve been waiting to see her little face for inspiration. One thing’s for sure, it needs to be as special as she is.


Just put your suggested name for this little poppet as a comment at the bottom of this post, ensuring your email address is correct so that the winner can be notified. Your privacy is respected so your email address will only be seen by us. Each comment does have to be approved so it won't show immediately. Alternatively, you can enter via the Facebook pinned competition post.

You might have a good reason for your chosen name, if so then please include this also. You might just love the name, that’s OK! Whichever name is the Petalina team’s collective favourite and, in our opinion, best suited, will be her proud parent just in time for Christmas*. She will even come with a Petalina Birth Certificate stating her new name, just to make things official.

The competition closes at 11:59pm on Friday 17th November 2017 and the winner will be announced shortly after. International entries* are welcome and only one entry per person.

“To let blessed babies go dangling and dawdling without names, for months and months, was enough to ruin them for life.” 

Kate Douglas Wiggin, The Bird's Christmas Carol

*Please note, we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas for an International winner.

Cate O'Neil
Posted by:
Cate O'Neill

Founder of Petalina Dolls, Cate O'Neill, loved dolls as a child. For her 7th birthday she received a Sasha doll and quickly grew a family of five. With daughters of her own Cate tried to find them equally beautiful dolls to play with, but was disappointed with the choice available. She created Petalina with the aim of providing today's little girls with the opportunity to own gorgeous dolls and enjoy innocent doll play just as she did as a child.

Comments (68)

I love it a million it is like the best thing I have seen in my life


Tegan-Rae Named after my daughter for her 10year old God daughter Lexie who always wants to come over to role-play with Tegan-Rae and treat her like her own baby by pushing her around in the doll's prams, feeding her bottles etc That way she can have her own Tegan-Rae

Abigail Varney

I'd call her Violet. Beautiful name for a beautiful doll.

Sarah Tunstall

This little girl looks like a beautiful Evangeline just like my beautiful granddaughter name.

Jeanette butler

I think CHERIE would be a good name.

Nicola Crowie

I think she should be called 'Ana SofŪa' because it's a beautiful hispanic name that fits in with the Spanish brand and the beautiful babies it produces.

Amy by Wright

She looks like a Rose :-)

Sharon Bell

I think she looks like a Petal

Teresa sheldon



I would name her Rosalina. She has pretty, rosy skin and the last part of your name is lina. All round a very pretty, special name for a pretty, special doll.

Kim Willing

Lola Pretty name and easy for little ones to pronounce

Leeanne Clifford

I would call her Eleanora <3

Paula T

Eisa - Means 'glowing embers', and it's so pretty

Kat C

Cerise Rose

susan thornton


Lynn neal

I would call her Martha. I have a little girl called Matilda but when she was born I really struggled choosing between Martha and Matilda. I would love to win this beautiful doll for her <3

Emily Slough

Amelia after my daughter as she was born 10 weeks prem and a little striver! x

Beverley Cousins

I would call her Rose, because of her lovely pink outfit and in keeping with the brand name relating to petals x



elaine stokes

Cara (as it is beautiful, easy for little ones to say & means 'friend')


I would name her Meridia

Adrian Bold

Alexia after my daughter ❤

Deborah Parker

I would name her Ellowyne as it's both beautiful and unique and the name of my 8 year old daughter who loves baby dolls and can't wait until she's grown up and van be a Mommy herself.


I would name her Evelyn in honour of the baby girl that we have been blessed to have join our family after my sister finally got the long awaited baby she has waited for through adoption. I already have a Bonnika baby picked out to gift her this Christmas as her first doll! x


I would name her Mia because it is such a simple and pretty name.

Lisa Grasso

💫Baby Isabella 💕 Classic, classy and beautiful. A regal name meaning devoted to God.✨

Tricia Phillips

I would name her Lark after the very beautiful and dainty pink larkspur flower.

Susan B

Ever since I was a little girl, Isabella has always been one of my favourite names. And I think the newborn baby does look like an Isabella!

Heli L

I would call this doll Carmela like my grandmother who sadly passed away six years ago. It would be a good way to remember her.


I would name her Eve

Petra Hora

shes a leah :) very cute x

kim plant

cherish as Iím sure many little girls will cherish her xx

Abby may

I think the doll should be named Vivienne-Marie. That's my daughters name and I would love a doll to be named after my girl. Something for her to keep and treasure for ever and to hopefully hand down to her children or even grandchildren one day xx


Autumn - The last month of the season A gorgeous name for a beautiful Autumn baby!

Amanda Patching

I think she looks like a Valentina x


Mckayla. I never had a middle name and all my friends gave me the unusual name Mckayla.

Cindy Sutheran

This baby doll needs to be called evangeline or Lillie as these are very pretty names , I was going to be called Evangeline my mum said , but my dad wouldnít agree 🙁

Darcy chapman

I think Darcy or talullah is a gorgeous name for a pretty doll my daughter has this name and she would love it if we could give this beautiful doll her name x

Sadie chapman

I would call this doll Cariad, as it is Welsh for darling, and this little lady does look quite the darling.






I think Olivia because itís such a beautiful name.

Sadiyya Maryam

Poppy, as she is a Poppet!

Laura Pritchard

I have 2 names: First: Taissia Skye Second: Skylar Alexa ( or Skye for nickname) my daughterís name.... you can see the trend (Skye is a must) :-) Yes dolls need a middle name lol


Tabitha. I love this name as I have fond memories of the kind lady who looked after our family when I was little. X

Stephanie Morrison

I think her name should be Scarlett Lily after my Grandaughter

Nancy Ingram

Anna Grace

Louise gullett



I think i would name her Evermine..So lifelike and so personal to the owner.

nikki marsden

I think she looks like an Emily Rose

Natalie Turner

I would name her Fox Jazmin



John Smith

I think 'Mischa' would suit her perfectly!

Tanya Deliyska


Jenny Wells

I think she would suit the name Lucy

Clare Hubbard


kayleigh white


Victoria Connolly

I would like to call her Alexandra:) I have 3 girls and a boy named Alexander. I couldn't call any of my girls that beautiful royal name because I already had one Alexander in the family but it's still one of my favourite names. It has a special aura around it. My girls would be over the moon to play with this beautiful baby doll! Thank you Cate, for another great giveaway!

Anna Rowan

Millie x

Angela Treadway

Clara Elisabeth would be her name.

Evelyn P.Z.

I would pick Ivy-Rose, perfect name nearing Christmas and my daughters name (November birthday) delicate yet strong - perfect way to sum up my strong and independent princess! Xx


'Flavia' (pronounced Fl-ave-ia) When in Rome some years ago, I saw some graffiti on a wall. It said boldly 'Flavia loves Johny) I thought at the time it was a beautiful name and have always remembered it. I think that this sweet baby would suit' Flavia' perfectly.



Emma Whitworth

Cassia - my daughter's name x


Aurora After little sleeping beauty. A magical name for the northern lights too. The perfect newborn baby girl ❤️

Ruby's mummy

I would call her Evie Rose which is my daughter's name. This doll is a spitting image of my own daughter, Evie and she would love to be her new Mummy!


I would call this doll holly. I think it's quite appropriate as it's coming up to that festive time of year. My little girl bella-rose would be delighted of she won this beautiful baby

Helen butterworth

Margaret Avery- but she will go by "Molly" to all that love her. (In honor of my first grand-baby due in the Spring, unless "she" turns out to be "he" and then my daughter would be very happy to have this sweet doll. Lol).


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