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Meet Petalina's Official Little Doll Testers

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[img100-L-R]Choosing the perfect doll can be a minefield….do you opt for a soft body, hard body, eyes which close, eyes which don’t, long hair, rooted hair, no hair, short hair, boy doll, girl doll, rag doll, baby doll, toddler doll? Not to mention what type and size of doll is suitable for different ages from newborn to 8, 9 or even 10.  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

We want to help make your life a little bit easier by enlisting the help of Little Doll Testers.

Little Doll Testers are Top Mummy and Daddy Bloggers from across the UK. Each Little Doll Tester has one thing in common; they have a little person living in their home who loves dolls and possesses the Dolly Gene. Our Little Doll Testers are working hard for us testing out dolls and accessories to make sure they pass the Petalina ‘Dolly Grade’ and are suitable for other doll lovers, wherever they are in the world.

Little Doll Testers will play, love, hangout with their dolls, try out a range of accessories and report back giving open and honest feedback. Their blogs will wear the Little Doll Tester badge shown on this page.

Not only that they will sometimes run competitions and giveaways. We will regularly update this page so you can see what our Little Doll Testers are saying and doing. At the moment they are all waiting for their first doll to arrive in the post which is always so exciting.....

So who are Petalina's Little Doll Testers? Click on the name of the blog below to go and see and maybe say hello!

Being a Mummy

Being a Mummy's little girl Fifi (3 and a half) was sent one of the new Petite Fleur Madeleine dolls. Madeleine is a cuddly 18" doll with blonde curls and closing eyes and dressed in a really pretty dress. Reading her mummy's post, it sounds as if Fifi has fallen for Madeleine hook line and sinker (I always love to hear this), proof of this being that Madeleine is taken to bed (which I know from experience is always reserved for only the most special of toys). You can read Fifi's mummy's post here. And click here to see all the Petite Fleur dolls and clothes. A lovely review - thank you.

Mellow Mummy

Mellow Mummy's doll arrived this morning for our Little Doll Tester Lara to try out for us. Click here for the introductory blog post with a review to follow next week.

Mellow Mummy's daughter Lara chose Corolle's Chouquette blonde toddler doll and it looks as if this doll has been a real hit! Lara has even taken her new cuddly dolly to bed with her, something which only her two most favourite soft toys have ever been allowed to do - ever! You can read Mellow Mummy's thoughts on this cute little doll here. There is one lovely photo in Mellow Mummy's review where you can see how suitable the Chouquette is for Lara - the same slightly round toddler face - and both very pretty!

Kid Style Junkie

Identical twins are our Little Testers here. Just about to turn 6 in a style conscious home, they are thrilled to be trying out Kidz 'n' Cats dolls Lena and Princess in Mint. You can read their first post about Petalina here and you can feel their excitement as the dolls are just about to arrive....

Me and my Kiddy Winks

Imogen, one of the kiddy winks from Me and my Kiddy Winks blog, was sent a Gotz Precious Day Elisabeth doll to test out for Petalina. Imogen's mum, Faye, says that it was love at first sight, and these are Imogen's thoughts about Elisabeth. “I like her because she has long brown hair like me and she has nice clothes, I like her shoes.  She likes to have tea with me and she goes to sleep when I tell her to, not like Joe Joe.” You can read Faye's review and see her pictures by clicking here. Unfortunately Gotz have sold all supplies of Elisabeth for 2012 but we still have lots of Jessica, the Precious Day doll with blonde hair, Julia, the red haired doll and Elisabeth from last year. They are all lovely dolls suitable for age 4 and up.


One Dad 3 girls

There is a lot of excitement in One Dad's house at the moment as two of his girls are Petalina's official Little Doll Testers. The oldest tester in the house is merrily testing one of our lovely dolls as you read and we can't wait to hear what she thinks of it.

The Mummy Blogger

Charlotte has posted a lovely article about Petalina on her blog which you can see here. Charlotte and Roo were sent a beautiful doll from Kathe Kruse, a family run company that still makes dolls in Europe. I can't wait to hear what they think!

After a few weeks of thorough dolly testing Roo and her Mummy have written a blog review for us and it made my heart strings melt. The only problem with being an internet company is that you don't meet the little girls that umtimately you make happy. I loved reading about how excited Roo was on the day her new dolly arrived. You can read all about it here.

Zoe and Drew 

Zoe has 3 daughters and all love their dolls. I love the way that Zoe has explained how she would like to spread the word (with the help of her girls!) that it is OK for girls to still play with dolls.

Zoe's oldest daughter was allowed to choose any of the dolls from the Kidz 'n' Cats range. After much deliberation Amber opted for Kidz 'n' Cats Sophie and Sophie was sent on her way. Last week Zoe wrote a review to tell us how Amber got along with Sophie. Apparently more grown up dolls appeal to Amber so Kidz 'n' Cats Sophie was a perfect choice. Kidz 'n' Cats dolls are recommended for age 6 and up but I think 8 - 10 year olds are really in their element with these dolls. Amber said about Sophie “I like Sophie’s long, silky hair.  I also like how she came with a teddy and some nice clothes and shoes.  She’s very pretty and I like to play with her.”  Sophie has been joining in with the family's dolly games playing the role of big sister (just like Amber). Thank you Zoe and Amber for helping us put our dolls to the test!


We hope you enjoy coming on a dolly adventure with us.



Cate O'Neil
Posted by:
Cate O'Neill

Founder of Petalina Dolls, Cate O'Neill, loved dolls as a child. For her 7th birthday she received a Sasha doll and quickly grew a family of five. With daughters of her own Cate tried to find them equally beautiful dolls to play with, but was disappointed with the choice available. She created Petalina with the aim of providing today's little girls with the opportunity to own gorgeous dolls and enjoy innocent doll play just as she did as a child.

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