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Doll Bunting Templates – Having some Floral Fun

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Doll Bunting Templates – Having some Floral Fun

We love bunting, and so do our dollies. They can brighten up a doll’s house, a play scene or even your own room, hanging from a shelf or a picture frame. Bunting reminds me of summer and parties and everything dainty. So, we wanted to give you the means to create your own doll-sized bunting, it’s very easy, just a bit of cutting, sticking and hanging, or if you want to be more creative you can use the template to make your own design.

You will need:

  • Access to a printer
  • Scissors (large and sharp for cutting material, please ask a grown-up to help you here)
  • Glue
  • Some thin ribbon or string

How to make:


Doll Bunting Templates – Having some Floral Fun


  1. Print the downloadable template above, which contains them all. If you are going to use one of the pretty patterned paper buntings we have designed (designs 1 and 2) then you will need a coloured printer.

  2. You may choose to use the first design which is blank (design 1), in which case a black and white printer will do. From this blank template you can design your own bunting using coloured pencils, crayons or pens, if this is the case then go for it. You may want to add letters to each flag to spell out a word, like ‘Happy Birthday’.

  3. Or you may wish to keep this blank and use as a template to cut around some pretty material of your own. A little tip, if you are using material, make sure the detail is small as you are using it on such a small scale you want the pattern to show.

  4. Whichever design you are using, carefully cut around the outside border of your chosen template.

  5. If you are making your bunting using paper (designs 2 or 3, or have coloured in design 1), cut between each of the flags so you now have individual triangles.

  6. If you are going to be using material, gently pin the blank template (design 1) to your material with a few pins around to the outside, then cut the material around the outside of the template. Before you cut the individual flags, put some additional pins between the cutting lines of the flags to hold the material and paper steady together to prevent wonky edges. When cutting, keep the fabric on the table with your left hand placed on it (if right handed), while cutting with your right hand. You are now ready to cut the paper/material between each of the triangles, giving you mini flags. Unpin any material still pinned to the paper. To make your material bunting look extra pretty, you could even use crinkle scissors to give a zig zag effect.

  7. Now to put it all together. Lay your ribbon or string on a flat surface. Apply some glue to the reverse of the top of each flag. Depending on whether you are using paper or material, will depend on which glue is best to use here. Then fold the top of the flag over the string, at the point where you want your bunting to start. Apply pressure to the fold, so the flag stays in place. Make sure you leave enough room either side of the ribbon to be able to tie the ends to where your bunting is going to hang.

  8. Keep doing this, with the flags being placed equal distance apart, until you have used up all of your flags or your bunting is as long as you want it to be.

  9. The top of each flag will be overhanging slightly where you folded it, so carefully trim these extra bits off with some small scissors if possible.

  10. Now to hang your bunting in the lucky spot! You can either use the ends of the ribbon to tie in place, or if you are using something sticky please be careful not to damage any painted surfaces. Beautiful!

 We’d love to see photos of where you've used your bunting and what creations you've designed, you can send them to us using our Contact Form. We look forward to it!

Cate O'Neil
Posted by:
Cate O'Neill

Founder of Petalina Dolls, Cate O'Neill, loved dolls as a child. For her 7th birthday she received a Sasha doll and quickly grew a family of five. With daughters of her own Cate tried to find them equally beautiful dolls to play with, but was disappointed with the choice available. She created Petalina with the aim of providing today's little girls with the opportunity to own gorgeous dolls and enjoy innocent doll play just as she did as a child.

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