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Itís a Wrap Ė of the Most Colourful and Gorgeous Kind, in your Dollís Hair!

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Itís a Wrap Ė of the Most Colourful and Gorgeous Kind, in your Dollís Hair!

Sun, sea, beach and hair wrap! To complete that summer look, every doll and their girl should be sporting a colourful cotton hair wrap. Follow these simple instructions to get making. Once you’ve started, you won’t be able to stop, and you’ll be wrapping with your eyes closed. Then you’ll want to start creating different colour combinations to match your doll’s outfits.

You will need:

  • 3 different colours of embroidery thread, each about twice the length of your doll’s hair
  • A bobby pin
  • Scissors
  • Beads if you have them
  • Someone to help hold the clip whilst you are wrapping

How to make:

Itís a Wrap Ė of the Most Colourful and Gorgeous Kind, in your Dollís Hair!

  1. Lay the three pieces of thread next to each other on a flat surface. Using a bobby pin, clip the three pieces of thread at their halfway point through the pin. Secure together in a knot. See photo 1.

  2. You’ll need someone to help you here. Ask them nicely to hold tightly to the bobby pin at the end, while you start the wrapping. To begin, take the two threads you want to show on the outside first (with your right hand if you are righthanded). With the other hand hold the remainder of the thread towards you so there is no slack, these are the colours which will be hidden inside the wrap for now. Now using your righthand start wrapping the two pieces of thread in a clockwise, spiral motion around the remaining threads. Do this until you are ready to switch colours. See photo 2.

  3. Now put the thread you have been wrapping into your left hand with the others, and with your righthand choose the next two coloured threads. You may want to start mixing colours now, like I have here with the pink and the white, taking one thread of each colour. See photo 3.

  4. Keep wrapping and switching colours until you have reached the desired wrap length. There are no rules here, you might want to make it as long or longer than your doll’s hair. Once you have finished, tie the end in a final knot. See photo 4. If you have any beads you could always thread one of these on the end, which also gives the wrap some weight.

And there you have it, it’s really that easy, but looks so impressive! When you clip into your doll’s hair, it looks better if the clip is hidden under some hair. No reason why you can't share the hair accessory either, the great thing is that it's removeable, unlike the ones you can sometimes get on holiday which are wrapped around your hair, no good for when it's time to head back to school. 

No reason why you should miss out on the look, just make the wrap longer if your hair is longer and you can be the same! And oh how we’d love to see those twinning photos, so please do share. You can send them to us using our Contact Form. We look forward to it!.

Cate O'Neil
Posted by:
Cate O'Neill

Founder of Petalina Dolls, Cate O'Neill, loved dolls as a child. For her 7th birthday she received a Sasha doll and quickly grew a family of five. With daughters of her own Cate tried to find them equally beautiful dolls to play with, but was disappointed with the choice available. She created Petalina with the aim of providing today's little girls with the opportunity to own gorgeous dolls and enjoy innocent doll play just as she did as a child.

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