• NEW!  Sylvia Natterer Minette Fanny
  • NEW!  Sylvia Natterer Minette Fanny
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Minette Fanny is new for 2017. She is 27cm with a soft cotton body filled with new polyester fibre and a few pellets in her bottom for weight. She has phthalate free limbs and head with a sweet hand painted face and hair with brown eyes.

Being so tiny in size, Minette Fanny is perfect for tiny children from 18 months old to carry everywhere with them and cradle in their arms.

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The body of this doll can be gently wiped with a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in water. The clothes can be carefully handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent. Dry flat and do not tumble dry. Smooth out creases whilst damp and use a cool iron if required.