When you complete an order with Petalina, your name, address, telephone number and email address will only be used for the purpose of processing and delivering your order to you. We may contact you by email or telephone should there be a problem with the stock you have selected. Your details may also be passed onto Interlink Express or other businesses involved in delivery. However, your details will NOT be passed onto any other business for marketing purposes.

Your name, address and telephone number, as part of your order information, are held on a secure server managed by 2Dmedia. 2Dmedia are the business that Petalina has chosen to build, host and support our website. Petalina therefore has a record of all your purchases, which can be very useful when trying to remember which doll you purchased and therefore which dolls clothes to buy!  

Your email address will be used to send you details of any promotions, sales and new products from time to time, but only if you sign up to receive our newsletter. Again, your email address will not be passed onto anyone else.

What are cookies? How does Petalina use them on the site?

A cookie is a small data file that websites often store on your computers hard drive when you visit their sites. A cookie may contain information, such as a unique user ID that websites use to track the pages of any sites you've visited. We use cookies but do not store personally identifiable information in your cookie. We use cookies in order to improve your shopping experience. Cookies enable us to keep track of your order as you shop on our site. You can refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser, but if you do, we will not be able to track your order to enable you to purchase from our site. Nor will we be able to recognise you as a registered user, which allows you to access your account information.

We also use 'Cookies' (small data collecting files on our website) for advertising purposes such as with Google and Facebook. With Google, from time to time we use their re-marketing option, so if you visit our website, you may at a later date see an advert for Petalina just to give you a little encouragement to come back and visit the website again. Facebook are now offering a similar service. Code from Google Ads allows us to show you adverts as you browse the internet via a network of websites that have agreed to display them. A bit of code from facebook put onto our site allows us to show you ads for our site within Facebook itself. We do not collect any personal data from these activities that can be used for any other purposes. If you prefer not to see such adverts, you can opt out of Google Adverts and for information on how to do this please click here to go to Google Support. If you prefer not to see adverts in Facebook then all you need to do is to click the x in the top right hand corner of a specific advert and choose "I do not want to see this". Facebook don't have a way of removing yourself from all advertising because it is the income from advertising that keeps Facebook free of charge.

By browsing or purchasing from Petalina you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions outlined above.

This was last updated on 21/1/15.